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Settlement: North Sillitholina, Terraversa, Oleon

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Name: North Sillitholina

Ownership: Oleon

Location: Royalist Terraversa 


Second Terraversan War - Treaty of April 621 AE

Military Magistrate (Mayor): Colonel Edward Beauchamp

Who can own property in North Sillitholina: Anyone

Who can freebuild in North Sillitholina: Anyone

Size (EGS): Large Town (49)

Needed to upgrade to City: lots!

Trade value: 205 (needs update)

Troops: 90

Forts: 2

Medium Fort at Checkpoint North by @Thomas Waagenaar

Artisan: 6

Large RNTC Market by @CapOnBOBS

Large The Stopover Inn by @CapOnBOBS

Commerce: 9 (I'm missing some posts here, please paste your links below)

Medium Sil Channel Crossing by @Ross Fisher

Large Customs House and Pivot Bridge by @CapOnBOBS

Factory: 6

Large Blue Coat Wheelwright by @CapOnBOBS

Large Uniform Factory by @CapOnBOBS

Residence: 10 (non-player)

Education: 1

Small Grammar School by @CapOnBOBS

Art and Culture: 9

Medium Sillitholina Monastery by @Ross Fisher

Small Organ for the Monastery by @Ross Fisher

Medium Courthouse by @KotZ

Small Toast to the Fallen of TV by @CapOnBOBS

Plantations: 6

Large "Vineyard of Light" Vineyard by @CapOnBOBS

Large LBSF Quartermaster Farm by @CapOnBOBS

Other Builds:

Split into an independent settlement from South Sillitholina in the Treaty of Pamu, ending the 2nd Terraversan War. Subject of deliberate rebuilding efforts in the wake of the war.

Edited by CapOnBOBS
Sticking with the map spellings, "2 Ls" Sillitholina

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A large factory on the edge of town. Duplo base, chasing off deer, waterwheel. "Blue Coat Wheelwright"


A large commercial build illustrates a pivot bridge that allows commercial goods to flow across the river and on the river and a customs house to collect taxes along the way.



Edited by CapOnBOBS

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