does anyone deal with old glued store displays?

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Hi team,

A friend of mine has a mega Lego collection, including a number of old glued store promo displays. He has, among others, a witch on a wooden broom with hooks to hang, a viking, a motorbike big enough for a child to sit on, a large bell tower with hooting owl, a chimp on a branch and a number of smaller models like a hot air balloon, clown head, a Dutch woman about the size of a drink bottle, a Primo coat rack  and a Darth Vader.
He has acquired these in New Zealand from various sources. The viking was found broken up in someones yard after being thrown out a window, the motorbike came from a thrift shop, the Dutch woman I found at a weekend market, and the rest I don't know. He repairs and cleans them up for display.

He is struggling to find information about any of it and would like to connect with others who have knowledge and to share what he knows. If anyone here can help, I will tell him to make an account here to communicate here.

Many thanks in advance.

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You can ask Chris Bull who is the one specialized in restorations of pre-1980 glued models. He owns a lot of display models, and he have a wide network to find accurate reference pictures. He will indicate you the best ways to work on these.
Here's his Flickr : Chris Bull | Flickr

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