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We've changed "LEGO Space & Mecha" to "LEGO Sci-Fi". So what does this mean? Well most importantly, it doesn't mean that anything will be removed from the forum; everything that used to be in the "LEGO Space & Mecha" will fit in just fine in "LEGO Sci-Fi". But now we'll have a home for many of the genres that we're shoved in "Other Themes" such as SteamPunk... but I'm getting ahead of myself. To me the old forum title was too limiting and confusing; Space and Mecha? Where does a hovering tank belong? It's not space, nor is it Mecha. Same story for stuff like Mars bases. While the old title covered the available themes well, it didn't cover the genre well. Due to that I regularly received questions about where, for example, futuristic cities should go.

"So what is Sci-Fi", I hear you ask. Good question, but a good answer is harder. Firstly, Sci-Fi is not the future, nor is it space. I can be... but for example putting a romance story in a futuristic setting does not necessarily make it Sci-Fi. Wikipedia has a good rant about what others think, but since this is my rant I'll tell you that I see Sci-Fi as being about exploring the possibilities of science and technology. So what belongs in here? This isn't a rigid list, but for starters;

All LEGO space themes, including Space Police

Mecha (Exo-force or not)

Steampunk (Past, Present and Future)

Post Apocalyptic


MOCs (and some sets) based around real spacecraft

Any movie, game or TV show that isn't an official license but is generally promoted as Sci-Fi

The last one important one. I personally don't see a lot of TV "Sci-Fi" (or SyFy ) as real Sci-Fi... but many do. In the spirit of free thinking and not impressing my opinions on others, all things that are generally seen as Sci-Fi (such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Babylon 5) are welcome here. But there always well be some genres and MOCs that could be classed as both. For example...


This is based on Cafe Corner... but really seems more Sci-Fi.


This is a futuristic building... also based on Cafe Corner. Is it Sci-Fi? Arguably not, but since it includes Space themed minfigs it probably is.


How about this? Aside from the people on the roof having life-defining moments, it looks non Sci-Fi to me...


...oh it transforms! That seems more Sci-Fi now!

It's a similar story with Zombie MOCs; but I think in most cases they'll fit in best here. (I haven't seen many fantasy zombie MOCs actually...) Remember that this name change is about including more into this forum, not excluding.

So now you know what the "Sci-Fi" forum is about, what isn't it about?

Underwater LEGO themes (Action)

Underground LEGO themes (Action)

Agents / Alpha Team (Action)

Launch Command (Town)

Horror (Town/Other)

Enjoy! :sweet:

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Why isn't there a review index for this part of the forum?

Because the Set Index is far superior!


I've been trying to add some of my Battlestar Galactica builds, but I'm not sure if this is the way to go about it...I'm sure someone will be along in a while.

I'm not doing the MOC index anymore. It cuts into my MOC time too much! :blush: Blackknight112 is working on one here... although he seems to be on a break...

In any case, I'll leave this here to make the situation clearer.

Set index has been replaced with the database, no more updates will be made in this topic. The MOC index is on indefinite pause...

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