Ross Fisher

Settlement: Nola Mar, Terraversa - Oleon

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Name: Nola Mar

Ownership: Oleon

Location: Royalist Terraversa 

Mayor: Knights Treasurer Chapter Master Sir Helmut Von Braun (Ross Fisher) 


Who can own property in Nola Mar: Anyone
Who can freebuild in Nola Mar: Anyone
Size for EGS purposes: City

Needed to upgrade to Large City: 8 Artisan, 2 Commerce, 8 Factory, 3 Education, 1 Royal property (21 total)


Trade value: 420

Troops: 230

Architectural guide: As one of the oldest settlements in the Brick Seas, Nola Mar has a large number of buildings built in the local blue-grey stone. The remainder are usually built from local timber, with white or tan plaster. Buildings from the Mardieran or Independent era are often accented with yellow elements, whereas those associated with the current Oleonaise administration are frequently accented in blue. The only exception to this seems to be in the port region, where buildings are commonly painted red.

Fortresses: 1

Artisan: 8

Commerce: 16

Factory: 8

Residence: 31

Art and Culture: 18


Education: 6

Plantations: 0

Mines: 0

Other builds:


Edited by Ross Fisher

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