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Hello everyone!

As for my second post on here I wanted to share my Delta Integrale!

This model features opening doors (all 4 of them!) as well as an opening hood.

I've decided to go with a black and dark blue interior as oppose to the black-only one usually found in these, as it makes for a more interesting and compelling look. It's also got the little things in which you insert your seatbelt into, thought I'd be a fun little detail.

The engine bay itself is nothing too over the top, just managed to fit all the essential details. The hinge itself took a lot longer to create than expected, as most designs for it took up too much space inside the engine bay.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for looking!


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This is fantastic! What a clean build with some really great details. Very, very impressive.

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4 minutes ago, Pato Sentado said:

I wish this would be an official kit...

It actually is available as a kit at BuildaMOC! (not sure if links are allowed, but you can easily look it up!)

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