[U7 - Lothal - CFS][Rebels] There is no limit for cargo bay size

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*WickNole's shuttle entry has earned 22 XP (8xp, doubled for LTC, plus 1/3 of the average of all of the builds)*

*goatman461's entry has earned 30 XP (13xp, doubled for LTC, plus 1/3 of the average of all of the builds)*

*WickNole's ITT entry has earned 15 XP (11xp plus 1/3 of the average of all of the builds)*

It was an Imperial landing craft once, but Hondo repurposed it to quite a sizeable cargo shuttle, utilizing all this inner space... and adding external cargo ramps to fit even more.


51275240307_408aa1e9f5_c.jpg 51275240312_2e8a0ede75_c.jpg


The shuttle fits into 16*16 size restrictions with wings in closed position.


Once an honest light freighter, the Ghost has protected Lothal and the Spectres' rebel cell throughout the galaxy. Often unassuming, often underestimated. 

Micro LothalMicro LothalMicro GhostMicro GhostMicro Ghost



With all its technology and might, the Empire cannot stand up to good, and bad, people who fight for freedom.


51276232618_b530610481_w.jpg 51276792639_ed46c6217b_w.jpg


The ITT is not to be judged as part of LTC, but is a part of Era Build.



The build points are to be posted onto Q4 - Telos IV.

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Back to Q10 I see, at least the alliance can claim victory when it only has to fight against one player :pir_tong2: . Seems like it might be time for some more war crimes...

Nice builds for Lothal, some great details in the microscope builds and a really impressive ITT.

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The alliance lost its nerve

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My only feedback is that it would've been neat to see lbg buildings for Lothal, but gorgeous builds all around. The shaping on everything is especially good, and Goatman's Lothal street scene is miraculously detailed considering the scale. 
The ITT looks perfect! Very sleek. I love the droid sitting on top lol

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