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Hello there,


I´m about to expand the digital city and want you to have a part in the future planing.

This is the current layout:

greening up the city

The expansion will be on the right side, continuing the big long street.

For this I need 2 new building right of the pub building. The first one will be build on a 16x32 baseplate. The second building will be a fire station. I´m not sure about the size of the fire station. Maybe I will be using 2 32x32 baseplates side by side.

Now I need you for some Ideas.

1.: What do you want for the first (16x32) building? It should get the same height like the pub building. In the ground floor we can add another small store or public area. You can also tell me your favourite color which we can use for this building.

2.: Do you prefer a modern shaped fire station like one of this:

Fire Station No. 20Toronto Fire Station 221


Or an older one like this:

Fire Station in Red Hook, Brooklyn


I would be very happy if you write me your suggestions.

If you have any other ideas for expanding the city you can also tell me.


Thanks for your help


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For the 16x32 I would go with a sand green building or a tan/grey building with sand green features, that way the fire station which I assume would incorporate red accents will contrast, if the 16x32 building is a corner then I would go with the modern station as it could be in an open space as a standalone building, but if it was to go wall-to-wall against the 16x32 building I think an older station would work well.

Perhaps an old station with a modern extension could be a good compromise between the opposing ideas.

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For the fire station - I’d personally go old style, as it’s what I generally like most.  For the 16x32 baseplate, I’d agree with @Stuartn sand green is good, or another less bright colour like sand blue or similar.  I think it shouldn’t be incredibly bright, but it ought to stand out against the pub and fire station (which if old style would be pretty similar colours).  Something small like a dodgy nightclub next to the pub would suit the slot I think... 

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I really love vehicles which can seat at least 2 minifigs. Maybe a future project could be to have a 2 seater cop car. Maybe prisoner seat in back. :classic:

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Thanks for for the sand green 16x32 building idea. That is a nice but also a decent color. I've created some test builds with light and dark bluish grey in combination with sand green and this looks great.


The 16x32 building will be a wall by wall building between the pub an the fire station. But the fire station itself becomes the last building for this street block. So it only connects with the 16x32 building on one side. The other side will end up at another street crossing.


@Vilhelm22: I will definitely build a building with your sand or light blue idea. Love this color.

Thanks for your comments and ideas.

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