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[O17 - Naboo - CE] Unlikely Allies

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"An invasion force of Imperial troops and mercenaries have Outer Rim worlds under siege, and it's not looking good for the locals. We'll provide all the support we can, but they--and we--need whatever help you can give."


"General Syndulla, the Red Moon spy network is vast within the New Territories. We will send what intel we can to the Clan Eldar strike forces, but other resources are thin. We'll need the full support of the New Republic, and any who will stand against tyranny."

"Thesa Gungan Army is strong..."

"And the Queen has authorized the Royal Squadron to fly escort to Kowak..."

"May the Force be with us..."


click through to IG for WIP and column mounting technique 

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That’s a great vignette, the solution for mounting the pillar is inspired!

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Great work, the pillar is especially well done and the window is excellent

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