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I have been building Lego Transformers for well over twenty years at this point. It's something I keep coming back to over and over, trying to perfect the look and design, the mechanics and the posability. Have to say, I'm fairly happy with my current crop, all of which are aiming for minifigure scale. A lot of them aren't preexisting characters but it would be silly not to start with the most recognisable one of all . . .

Optimus Prime

Autobot leader, big red truck, all round good guy. Most of this model was an exercise in getting a really tall robot mode out of a fairly compact cab. Comes with trailer that folds out into a repair bay/battle-deck and both ion blaster and energy axe.





Autobot engineer, mad scientist and daredevil driver. The second model I built, taking some liberties with the alt-mode to accommodate the robot.




A skilled Autobot interceptor, based on the Datsun Transformers from 1984, which is to say the Diaclone car robos previously released in Japan. This uses a colour scheme from that pre-TF range.




Autobot stage magician and diversionary tactician. Another Datsun version, this one based on a Mexican variant of Prowl.




Ninja-esque Autobot warrior, who turns from a very lanky robot into a very compact car. Still not entirely sure how I pulled that off!




I decided on an animal-like form for this next one, a hot-headed lizard-like Autobot car in intentionally eye-searing colours.




Another non-humanoid, this Autobot salvager was an experiment in unexpected alt-modes. Hope to come back and streamline this someday.




Probably the Autobot model I'm most proud of, this daring aerial ace was pretty much built to see if I could get a decent robot out of a prop plane.




My experiments in unusual alt-modes continued with this guy, a put-upon geologist who turns into that most ubiquitous of vehicles, a tractor.



Moving on to the Decepticons, I eskewed Megatron in favour of . . .


Decepticon communictor and all-round powerhouse. No longer a cassette player, now an armoured military comms truck.





I envisioned this 'con as an evil scientist who'd blown up his original form and rebuilt himself around his detached head.




Very proud of this one - a relentless Decepticon resource scout in the form of a Germanesque steam locomotive.




A cultured gunsmith and all-round cad disguised as a stretch limo.




Brutish lorry and bully, based on a prototype of the toy that became Optimus Prime.




High-flying poison expert and the latest in my long string of attempts to get a decent jet transformer to work.




Another Seeker, this one an explosively-tempered bombardier.




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OK, I've never been into Transformers, but to build all of these out of Lego is absolutely amazing. Well done, I love the skill involved here.

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I am always impressed whenever I see other people successfully make Transformers MOCs that look good in both forms. I've been trying to do that myself for years, but I never quite managed to properly pull it off. 

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Those look great, they really properly transform into what could be a City / 3in1 type of set.

Fathom is my favorite, great shape and the waterline contrasting colors work well.


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These are amazing! The alts and bot modes are both incredibly well done! The vehicles are so clean, they could easily be put in a lego city display and people would be none the wiser! Robots in disguise!


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Load up on energon cubes, we're headed to Cybertron! Insane collection. You've done excellent work making these. The re-imaged Soundwave is great.

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These are all super impressive, I'm blown away! I especially love Fathom and Switchback. They have great bot modes and really well realized/shaped alt modes.

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These are all amazingly impressive. Fathom has great techniques in general, let alone that it transforms! Prime looks fantastic and I think Miasma and Flashpoint both work great.

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Wow this is fantastic, not only by the number alone that is impressive but the quality and diversity.
Thanks for sharing. Love it. Now I want to see Decepticons, i mean Dinobots. :excited::dsweet:

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As a transformers fan myself, I am impressed!!!!!!!  seriously Flaspoint and Miasma are my favorite, you literally managed to pull off the impossible not only is they the best representations of fighter jets in Lego bricks, but they also TRANSFORM!!! OMMGGG

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Thanks everyone!

Here are a few more:


Autobot sentry, built more or less because I wanted to try another approach to a car-former




Classic Autobot and one of my favourites.




Continuing a habit of building two of the same model, here's a character originally released as a non-transforming Action Master. Also including his Targetmaster partner, Sights.




One of the first-year Decepticons, a minion of Soundwave re-imagined as a heavy trooper.




Another repaint!




And an evil van to round off this batch. This was a transformation scheme that I ended up refining for some newer models I'll hopefully post soon.



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Oh WOW! These models are absolutely stunning and bring me right back to my childhood years. I still remember making Transformers out of Lego myself because for some reason I couldn't manage to get them for my birthday or Christmas. None of them were nearly as good as yours though. I would buy anyone of these models in a heartbeat if I'd find them in a store now.

I absolutely love Fathom.

Could you do a classic Soundwave (my all time favorite) which transforms in a cassette player? (including Laserbeak ofc)

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So many great figures, the sheer variety of transformation techniques is astounding! I'm curious, which comes first when you're figuring out the shaping/dimensions of a build, the robot or the vehicle?

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These are fantastic! I'm a huge Transformers fan as well as LEGO so I always love to see these types of mocs but the sheer number and variety you've managed to come up with is just incredible. Wheeljack is my favorite Transformer so I'm particularly fond of that one.

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I don’t usually post outside of the technic forum but these are incredible! They’re exactly the outcome my 12 year old self had in mind when I tried to build them as a kid. Mine always came out as wonky colour vomit though!! 
I really like the tractor one!

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I'm gonna need instructions for Hardpan and Meltdown please :)

Crab Boat and Stuntplane Astronaut are also wicked cool.

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