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Lego Star Wars scenes

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This was bit of a hobby of mine when I took photography classes, and was inspired by the works of Vesa Lehtimaki and his book Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy, as well as many other artists and MOCcers.

I have never shared these photographs, though some are quite old, however I recently restarted this hobby, and have gone through and decided to share some of my favourite photos from the last five years in one post.

This is one of my first 'good' photographs, with a MOC of a snowspeeder.


This is a second 'Hoth' photograph, a landing of a U-Wing surrounded by minifigures, the first is my favourite, though the second is a more dramatic scene, achieved accidentally when I blew on the salt/bi-carb a bit too hard:


This photograph come about after walking through the backyard and seeing some interesting weeds near a pile of sticks:


This photograph is one of my individual portrait shots, but is probably my favourite:


This shot reflects a more jovial scene and is one of my first attempts using actual fire in a photograph:


This is my most recent photograph, taken only yesterday, it is the most heavily edited of all of the pictures, but takes advantage of natural sunlight:

IMG_8585 (2)

And finally, my favourite photograph:

Landing on Hoth


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On 6/18/2021 at 4:44 AM, azzer86 said:

Nice pictures. I'd love to be able to shoot photos like this :)


Thank you, I think the thing that is important when taking images like this is camera angle, generally  images taken at the same level of from below are much the most dynamic, and for many images this is the main factor in making them stand out

13 hours ago, Hunter003 said:

These are great....they really capture the Star Wars feel.

Thank you, I am glad the Star Wars feel does come across, as they mainly use less well known figures and vehicles

11 hours ago, Sean Bancroft said:

You are a real photographer, and it looks like a production artist!

Thank you, for these few good images there are many more that didn’t come out as well, much of the process of taking these pictures is trial and error, especially in terms of camera angle and staging 

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