Good evening, Eurobricks!

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Good evening, and welcome to Castle Dracu-! Ah, sorry, I thought you were someone else-

I am Devcon, a relative newcomer to building MOCs despite having been putting together lego sets for many years, ever since I was a child getting the Atlantis sets. I have drifted in and out of interest with the craft, mostly due to my own lack of outside driving force to overcome my defeatist tendencies, though recently lego RPGs, especially a game of Dungeons and Dragons ran using lego, has gotten me more firmly back into the craft.

Ever fond of monsters and the macabre, the grim and dark, you'll doubtless find me making crafts related to fantasy and creatures of all kinds, even the more whimsical. It should not be said that I don't have a fondness for science fiction, though, and perhaps I shall make builds in relation to that as well. If I get the right pieces, though, above all I'll likely be putting together MOCs of the demonic, DEMOCs if you will, as they are above all what I am most well versed and interested in.

My darker interests do not mean I don't have a sense of mirth about me, however, and I try to be the nicest and just I can be. I hope to have a wonderful time here and get to know you all.

With warm regards,
Vlad Dracul  Devcon

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Welcome Devcon!

If you're a fan of the grim dark fantasy, the Guilds of Historica topics dealing with Nocturnus will be right up your alley. Also glad to have another RPG fan and hope to have you join our latest play by post sci-fantasy RPG Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars.

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