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Hi all, 

Hope this is the right place and that this topic will help others.

I see LEGO doesn't publish an updated list of devices compatible  with the Powered Up app. Am I wrong?

I've exerienced an issue with my Honor View 10 lite, not able to connect more than one hub at time most of the attempts (see p.s.), while my partner's Samsung A5 connected our 2 city + 1 technic hubs flawlessly.

Should anyone else want to contribute to a device-related list of issues, this is a public shared spreadsheet.

At least it will help when choosing the next device :-)

I see the underlying implementation is based on Unity. I'm not a programmer, but I've installed Android Studio to check logcat and found this sample debug printouts from the LEGO app when it tries to connect the hubs.

I can put my phone, hubs & time at service should someone want to investigate this.


Unitl yesterday, never seen more than one hub connected, but there is a slight improvement in my Honor view with latest update ( arrived last night, with randomly accepting a 2nd hub.

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