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[MOC] Denmark, Belgium, Finland and Russia

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Together with my mother Anne Mette I have built this LEGO layout for the summer exhibition in the BR toy shop on Strøget (the main shopping street in Copenhagen).

The UEFA European Football Championship will be held in the summer 2021. Some of the matches will be played in Copenhagen. Therefore, BR wanted a summer exhibition with football as its theme.

Neither my mother nor I are interested in football. But we decided to build the four countries in the European Football Championship Group B: Denmark, Belgium, Finland and Russia.








From Denmark we have built Rundetårn in Copenhagen. We built it back in 2018:

LEGO Rundetårn | Flickr

I have built Brussels Town Hall in Belguim:

LEGO Brussels Town Hall | Flickr

Anne Mette has built a Finnish forest:

LEGO Finland | Flickr

I have built Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow in Russia:

LEGO Saint Basil's Cathedral | Flickr


The layout is exhibited in the shop window in BR on Strøget until July 25th.








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Wonderful diorama. You've captured a well known feature of each nation in Group B well. Those onion domes are spectacular, but I think the Finns have the best life there.

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Saint Basil's Cathedral... :drool: incredible work. Definitely in my most wanted landmarks I'd love to see TLG tackle like the Colosseum or Big Ben.

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No football fans at all in our house, but LEGO-wise, this build is seriously brilliant.
Keep clicking those bricks together!

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