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AT-AB All Terrain Angry Bear Regiment

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AT-AB All Terrain Angry Bear Regiment

51210411027_f4a79790be_b.jpgAT-AB All Terrain Angry Bear Regiment by MWardancer, auf Flickr

An unexpected encounter with an AT-AB leaves the unfortunate with three options: Firstly, you might try to outrun the bear. Sadly I have to inform you that you can never outrun such an animal. As a second option outclimbing the bear might present itself as a possible solution to your brown conundrum. It saddens me deeply to tell you that outclimbing would be entirely pointless as well. The third option, my doubtful friend, which might emerge in your troubled mind in what we might call your little 500-pounds-of-claw crisis could be to outswim the furry top of the forest food chain. Well well, as you might have guessed outswimming a bear is equally silly as the other options. With all options exhausted you might wish to consider a forth: to simply roll over and become a grizzly feast.

Customization Notes:
- bears are original, NO aliexpress knockoffs
- fake leg-o technique to simulate mountability
- capes are from Cape Madness
- weapons from Brickwarriors
- helmets from Brickwarriors, painted
- banner painted and glued

These have been sitting unfinished on my shelf for 2 years, so in a way they come from a time where my figs were simpler than today. But her majesty the Elven Queen has decreed that henceforth new regiments must have a banner of some sort and a stronger emphasis on detailled baseplates.

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