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Tutorials Index

Picture and Posting Tutorials

How to Make a Poll - Shadows

How to Deeplink and Post Images - Shadows

How to Upload Images to Brickshelf - Hinckley

How to resize a large pic - Lord of Pies

How to crop, sharpen and resize images online - Legostein

How to make an Avatar - Jipay

Watermarking your LEGO photographs - Hinckley

How to perform a batch image resize - Mister Phes

Creating Clickable Thumbnails - Mister Phes

How to create a good backdrop - TheBrickster

Photographing LEGO - Hinckley

Creating Mosaics with Photoshop - Nyundi


LEGO Keychain Removal - SirNadroj

How to make sails - Evil Willy

MOC'ing MOD'ing and General Construction & Building

Building Techniques Tutorials and more

Making Stop-Motion Brickfilms

Brickfilm Tutorial

Moving at 15fps

Coverting Video


EB LEGO Glossary - Mister Phes

More to come!

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