[MOC] Tropical Speeder Bikes - Paradisa, Aquasharks and Rock'n'Roll!

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Hi everyone. I thought I'd share my entries for the recent "Let's Get Tropical" contest in the Lego Speeder Bikes group on Flickr. There were 3 categories and the idea was to have them be tropical themed (although it wasn't a requirement). Here are my entries for each category:

Island Racing

While most of the time the tropical planet Paradisa is an idyllic vacation spot where beings from across the galaxy come to relax and unwind, once a year the resort hosts an exciting high-speed speeder bike race around its beautiful islands.

The Seaside Speederbike is a fast and elegant ride that is perfectly designed for the Paradisa racetrack. It is built to match the bright, pastel-colored aesthetics that Paradisa is known for and uses design elements from vehicles that you typically see around the islands such as horse carriages and surfboards. With three powerful engines and small adjustable wings on each side for quick turns, victory is assured for the rider of this speeder bike!


When I think "tropical islands", one of the first things that come to mind is Paradisa, so I wanted to have my speeder bike to be themed after this childhood favorite theme. I tried to use as many original Paradisa parts as possible.


Musically Inspired

When I think of the tropics and music, what comes to mind is the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, and how he liked to spend a lot of his time in Hawaii. So, for my entry for the music category in the Lego Speeder Bikes contest "Let's Get Tropical" I built a speederbike inspired by Rock'n'Roll music. Part jukebox, part 1950's retro vehicle, it's built to rock'n'race across the tropical islands!


It even has an electric guitar holder in the back.


Bounty Hunter

Zarko Hydraxon used to be a proud member of the devious Aquasharks. However, his methods of acquiring Hydrolator crystals were too ruthless even for his fellow Aquasharks, so they banished him from their group. Since Aquasharks aren't very popular in the Aquazone, none of the other factions wanted to take him in, so Zarko decided to leave the Aquazone to forge his own path by becoming a bounty hunter. Now traversing the tropical oceans and calling himself Lone Shark, he will work for anyone who is willing to pay in Hydrolator crystals. He built himself a fearsome custom speeder bike to hunt down his bounty. Like the Aquashark subs, it is shaped like a big black shark to strike terror into the hearts of his prey and is equipped with harpoon launchers, robot arms, and a fishing net to capture his bounty. It is amphibious, so it can either hover over the water or dive underwater. It also has a sonar compass on the dashboard for tracking down bounties. All this along with his trusty harpoon gun and knives make him one of the most dangerous bounty hunters around!

Aquazone was another childhood favorite theme, and it's water-related, so I chose to theme my bounty hunter after one of the antagonistic factions from that theme.



What do you think? Which one do you like best?

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Wow! :pir-love:


I gotta say, It's hard to choose between all three of them as they are just so good. Jukerbike is an amazing design and Hydraxon's speeder is a good idea for revamp of Aquazone. And it seems that paradisa has taken itself to a whole new level. :grin:


Astonishing job! :pir-thumb:

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These are all so cool! I have to say though, the Jukebike is especially nice. It has a great design and is super imaginative. Also nice to see some Aquazone love. That was a favorite of mine as well, and I feel like it's kind of a often forgotten theme.

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Love these bikes! I love the colors of the Paradisa bike, the Elvis bike is full of charm, and though I never grew up with Aquazone (I was a Lego Atlantis kid myself), the shark bike looks cool and rather menacing. Perhaps I'll have to look into the Aquazone theme sometime.

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Thanks everyone!

7 hours ago, Henchmen4Hire said:

I think LEGO needs to move their bum and give us another racing video game using designs like this.

100% agreed! I'd be happy to provide designs for such a game. Call me, TT Games! :grin:

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