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[OL - FB] RNTC Wine Garden, Lavalette

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The popularity of the RNTC's Vineyard of Light wines has kept a steady pressure on the trade company to increase production and availability. This demand, plus the profits on sales of course... has led the Vineyard to purchase a prime piece of real estate in downtown Lavalette to showcase their wines. 


With a style somewhat inspired by the large fest tents used in places like Punto Sur to celebrate Oktoberfest, the style is also recognizably consistent with the large sprawling vineyard buildings on the outskirts of town. 


Now that the Vineyard of light owns a large artisan location downtown, patrons don't need to haul themselves into the hills on the outskirts of the growing city in order to enjoy the popular wines right from the source.


A popular location now for the local garrison, the locals, and tourists, there is always a steady crowd enjoying a glass in the open air garden and the powerful scent of the flowers lining the seating areas. 


For a little extra, you can pay to go up into the VIP loft. Many of the undeniably legitimate merchants, so legitimate that you would never need to bother specifying that they are legitimate because it is automatically assumed... like to flaunt their completely legitimately earned wealth by reserving the VIP for their loyal crews to reward them for their totally above board job performance. 


All in all, a happening new spot to enjoy a bottle of the RNTC's new popular line of Vineyard of Light wines any time of day, now accessible in downtown Lavalette. 





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Not what I expected from the title, but I like both concept and execution. Well done!

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