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[K4 - Muunilist - PA] Bad Statue

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Major Characters



Tini and her crew
They are members of the Red Moon Squadron, a faction within the Confederacy of Free Systems.


Jawa celebrity chef famous for her delicious taco.  Due to her speech disability, she can only say the word "utinni".


Duros saucier and Tini's sous chef.  He's famous for his delicious secret sauce that he puts in Tini's taco.


Albino Wookiee pâtissière and Tini's pastry chef.  She's famous for her creative use of Jawa juice.


Mynock Four
A pilot for the Confederacy who follows Tini so he can eat her taco.


Nub and Da Sausage Boyz
Nub is an Ewok celebrity chef whose sausage is famous for being extra thick and full of delicious goodness. Due to his speech disability, he can only say the word "yub".  Nub and Tini were rivals at the culinary academy, and now Nub seeks to prove that his sausage is more delicious than Tini's taco.  Da Sausage Boyz are Nub's cooking crew and enforcer thugs. 
(credit goes to goatman461 for the creation of Nub)


During the Clone Wars, Tini's mother, M'nuta, was honored on Muunilinst with a stature, to commemorate the contributions of her taco.  A special force of clones was assembled to guard this statue.





Comments and criticisms are all welcome!

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