RES-Q sets reimagined

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Thank you for your comments. Here is the next one

6473: Res-Q Cruiser





With the telehandler I went with a more realistic approach. A lot of fire departments and disaster management agencies use them with different attachments.

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This is a fun series overall.

The little telehandler looks like a fun little set all on it's own, too. Nice job.

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I am done! Here are the last ones. The whole album can be seen here. I also updated the first post.

6462: Aerial Recovery



Loved this set as a kid. Was the boat and the trike in the original set rescue equipment or did those belong to the diver? I chose rescue equipment for my version. I like how the helicopter turned out and that I even could use the new "porsche bow".

1069: Speedboat



The only civilian set. I only did it to complete the series :)



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