Court House

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Hi Guys!

Here my last project. I hope you like it! Instead the other times I have decided to build my project before release it! 

Some details: 13861 bricks plus 44 Printed tiles... I really hate stickers so I have tried the UV printing and... really love the result!!!

Two different Facades

3 Skylights to watch perfectly the inside! With possibilities to Open them!

Divided in 3 Blocks

Modular Building Dimensions...

I have realized a Video... well the first Video I have ever made... I know... my English is not perfect but please be good with me... eheheheh

Anyway I hope you like my work! Thank you!

Video: The Court House

Other pictures here :-) on Flickr










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Nice! I've always loved MOCs that resembled real life and things that you don't usually find in a Lego city. Your court house is a rather unique build. Given all the criminals that we see in Lego City, they can now exercise their right to due process and a fair trial. 

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