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King Fernando’s expression of sorrow at the news of Commodore Argentum’s tragic passing was particularly touching.


“Never more!” he sobbed, “never more shall I find so true a friend, so sincere a sympathizer in my sorrows, or one who so consistently replenished my supply of nightcaps!”


So, this is kind of what I was trying to do with that terribly lame Chapter XVI, in terms of using the black flower pieces.  A bed turned out much nicer than a rug, and I was able to use a couple of spares for the king's pillow and night table cloth.  The pillars were also fun to work out, I really like the design but unfortunately, even with the help of my two brothers, four of those dark grey sloping things was all I was able to pull together.  So I probably won't get to use the design in a larger scene anytime soon!


Another thing that was fun was the micro version of Captain Argentum. :pir-grin: 

C&C welcome!

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This is a really nice build! The colours and build style are terrific! 

Great Work! 

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That bed really turned out well, and the matching back-rest and tablecloth really tie the mourning colors together across the build!  Lovely pillar design and rug as well, and if there's one nitpick I'd make, it'd have to be the stone-work in the floor, actually - it worked great in real life, but I do find that it tends to look a bit off in close-up photography generally, unless taken from a really low angle; and especially when it's an interior :pir-grin:  Really nice job overall though (and like I said, it all looked perfectly good irl! :grin:), definitely my favorite of your recent vigs for the series! :thumbup:

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It looks great how the stone floor around the carpet has been put together like a puzzle. The four-poster bed is nicely built.

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