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The first battle of Geonosis. The beginning of the Clone War. I remember it so clearly, how it felt to be free of Kamino, but vulnerable to the outside world. I had been specially trained as a clone commando, but I worked alone. It was better that way. No-one to lose... 

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Cool terrain, and good color work! The edges are a little jagged and squared off, maybe some wedges or SNOT that's at the same plate level as the main surface would fix that. It'd be good if there was another element with the ground, maybe one of those termite mound-esque things, or a Geonosian statue, or some battle debris. 

Aren't quarter rounds just the best? Love those things.

Edit: I like the story here, it's personal and evocative, even if the logic of a clone being allowed to work alone seems strange. (Weren't they raised ready to lose each other when they're deployed?) Still, there's more emotionally going on than with most clone stories, and it's cool to see.

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