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REVIEW: 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile

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Here is my review on 76188 the 1966 Batmobile:


  • Although there are some slight difference but great to get 1966 batmobile in a standalone set.
  • Great joker minifigure.
  • Improved display stand.
  • Very interesting building techniques on both the front and back bumpers.
  • The batmobile does look great and really capture the vibe of the real thing.


  • No Robin.
  • Batman skin tone too pale.
  • Hard to apply stickers.
  • The replacement parts for the stud shooters not easy to change.

I'm so happy they releases this 1966 batmobile by itself, especially I was so tempted to get that batcave back then but I managed to control my urge to collect everything.  The batmobile is excellent and I like they improved the display stand as the 1989 batmobile GWP often falls off the stand.  The minifigures are great but Lego really need to improve the printing on dark colour head piece. Overall I enjoy the build and happy with the results.  Despite common flaws with print and stickers, I still recommend this to everyone as it's a great set in summary =)

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