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While preparations are underway in Soalon for new movements and missions in enemy territory, in Plighia, not far from the capital Arahe, the government has made agreements with the Argo Conglomerate, a multinational engaged in the development of new technologies in the military and civilian fields, which has a branch in Plighia. Argo Conglomerate has signed specific agreements and contracts with many non-PSIC-aligned nations, whether they are neutral or belonging to the KLR. The importance of this multinational has only recently been recognized by the political and military leaders of Plighia, who have decided to go into business with it, secretly from the public relations of the multinational itself. Mr. Truman, the manager of Argo Co. Plighia was contacted by intelligence, represented by Mr. Robertson. They brought to an end a 35 million Plighia dollar contract, which will be repaid in cryptocurrencies, the new economic paradigm of the moment.







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2 hours ago, SATSOK said:

nice story

very nice ideas the lamps ;)

Thank you very much, I wanted to represent something that often happens during extended conflicts, the interests of the multinationals involved, a little unusual, but which deserved to be brought in some way.

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7 hours ago, Dutch Thriceman said:

That's a big big truck, must haul some heavy a$$ cargo.

Thank you for the feedback! Glad you like it! Indeed, the load of the Argo Conglomerate is quite heavy, even if most of the space is reserved for the soldiers of the private security agency "Artemis" which the government of Plighia has hired to defend its interests on its soil :wink:

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