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[MOC] May the 4th be in Hoth

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May the 4th be in Hoth.

There we stood, watching the white veil that covered the ground up until the horizon, where a frozen mist overshadowed our destinies. For a moment, the world stood still before the earth began to shake beneath our feet, one stomp at a time.

Numb fingers tightened around my blaster, waiting for the inevitable unknown. And from behind the pale clouds, a four-legged monster with blazing eyes and metal skin appeared to the sound of “open fire!”.

But soon we realized the walker came in a heard. Even though they took their time moving across the snow, the sharp sound of thrusters crossed the battlefield as speeder bikes rushed towards the first line of trenches where we hold.

I emptied my blaster and a sea of blowing bolts tainted the snow red, while our brothers prayed in silence.

“May the force, be with us. May the 4th be in Hoth, today.”

May the 4th be in Hoth


May the 4th be in Hoth

Louis of Nutwood
Happy Star Wars day, folks!

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13 hours ago, caiman0637 said:

Excellent build! May the Fourth be with you

Thanks, Caiman! I'm thrilled you liked it. Cheers!
May the force be with you, always. 

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