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Hello, my name is Christian Rau and I'm from Germany. After having been a happy LEGO customer for almost the entire 90s, I didn't get back into LEGO until the end of 2019 and it was primarily the great Architecture series that dragged me back in. I have been following it for quite some time, but didn't really start getting serious about LEGO again until something triggered me to sort and catalogue all my old LEGO and start buying new stuff. I have since also caught up on (almost) all the Architecture sets and all the Creator Expert vehicles, which are my two primary collecting interests. I also get me the occasional IDEAS sets and I'm a big fan of Creator 3-in-1, too, also because it has really nice part-out-value.

I also started MOCing last year, first with familiar things, like my own apartment, but also other little things, like mini versions of the Creator Expert cars. I'm a huge fan of micro and nano-scale and architecture specifically and because I generally work in the field of building survey and heritage preservation (though, as a mere software developer), I started making Architecture MOCs of buildings that my company worked on, some better known than others. I enjoy this a lot and since I like my workplace a lot, I find this a great and wholesome way to combine my hobby with my work (that sounds a bit cheesy, but it's the way I feel). And it also gives me the opportunity to put my MOCs in my office, where there's still mor room than in my appartment. :innocent:

A lot of my MOCs have instructions on Rebrickable and I also got me a Flickr account not too long ago. I'm still starting with my steps in the wider LEGO community. :blush:

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Welcome to EB, Christian!  You've got some nice microscale MOCs, and you'll find plenty of like-minded folks here to give & find more inspiration.  Looking forward to seeing more of your builds.  Happy building!  :classic:

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