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[Factions Ep. 8 - Cat. A][K12 - Kalist VI - TT] Mission to Tund

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Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: After a few weeks of putting out fires, I finally found myself back on Kalist VI. Nothing more than your average desert rock, but it felt good to be on imperial soil again. It was time to initiate the next phase of Operation: Nightwing and brief the different expedition commanders on their destinations and mission. Most of these expeditions were simple reconnaissance missions to potential Imperial outpost worlds. A few of these however, had a much deeper significance to the Imperial Triumvirate…

I made it back to Triumvirate headquarters just in time to brief exploration crew Aurek 7 on their primary objectives once arriving on their world…

I had high expectations for the crew assembled by Cpt. Markland. Not the elite candidates, of course. The crew had to be selected from expendable personnel. However, the metrics of the 14 crew-members all seemed to fit the mission.


From left to right:
Lt. Insen:
Male human, pilot and security. Cpt. Azela: Female mirialan, security officer. Ltjg. Rud: Male human, pilot and security. Avan Kagz: Male lannik, tracker, and his fire falcon. Horrath Veel: Male zabrak, geologist. Cdr. Drand: Male human, sr. commodore, operating base specialist. Dr. Rutha: Female, human, chief scientist. Dr. Llana: Female pantoran-cyborg, combat surgeon. Lt. Browf: Male duro, structural engineer. H3-VY: Heavy duty droid. Sr. Lt. Bornos: Male human, chief architect. CC-4432 Crank: Human male, mercenary (retired clone trooper). CC-7714 Grim: Human male, ranger (retired clone trooper Sgt.). CT-822 Moss: Human male, tracker (retired clone trooper).


A few crew-members getting to know each-other before takeoff...


Security, pilots and the last cargo arriving in the hangar...


Cdr. Bannon provides the last briefing from High Command, before leaving the mission in the hands of the crew...


This was a real education in imperial aesthetics - some things I'm hoping to develop more in the future (still have my eyes on that big imperial hangar)... Below you'll find a few more detailed shots and reference images...



Crates, piping and other fun little details...


Some rough interior structures and piping...


More piping...


The walkway into the hangar...


Control panels and of course, more pipes...



Reference material:


Classic ROTJ imperial hangar...


BFII death star hangar map...




Pipe and crate inspiration...


The holo table...


Steam, pipes, cables...


More pipes...


Control room...


Another control room...



The hangar...


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Reference photos

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This is just exquisite! So many small details. I love the piping, it just looks so natural. You’ve really captured the imperial aesthetic here and the figs are also great!

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I don't want to say it...but this is epic. Nice idea on the screen shots for reference. Great details.

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Wow! This is just a masterclass in how to build within the Imperial aesthetic. The pipes and crates are (as ever) fantastic and really add to the realism of the scene. The holo table and cutaway arrow also stand out as really great details. Love the parts combination on that Lannik too!

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This feels like it's right out of the Battlefront 2 Death Star map. The dark red is so perfect for the conduit! Love the cutout showing the pipes higher up in the wall in the right section. And that brick-built holo-map is amazing!

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Fantastic build! I like a lot the complexity of the holo room and the hologram itself is very creative. The detail of the items is excellent. Nice figs as well.

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