MOC modular building: The Photo Studio

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Let me show you my my latest model. It is loosely based on my Brick Lawyers MOC but much larger and more detailed. While the Brick Lawyers build fits well in a smaller town, this model is made to fit into larger cities with higher buildings.

The entire model is all about photography. It hosts a photo studio, a camera/photo supplies store and the photographer's apartment.


Let's start from the backside of the building. It features a small backyard with a tree that can be accessed through a driveway.


You can clearly identify the staircase section from the facade design. The entire staircase uses stained glass:


Being a typical modular building all stories can be detached separately:


On ground floor the camera and photo supplies store is located. Also some of the photographer's portraits are on display (and on sale) here.


On first floor the photo studio is located. It features different lighting devices and of course a backdrop for portrait shoots.


Located in a smaller room, the photos are developed (you can tell from the red light).

On second floor the apartment of the photographer is located. Being a bit loft-style it features bedroom, living room and kitchen. Only a small bathroom is separated.


The model is made of 3443 pieces and so far has only been built digitally. I have only used real existing parts in available color combinations to make the model buildable in real life. I have even tried my best to exclude rare and expensive parts as good as possible.

Instructions are available through rebrickable.com

Hope you like it :-)

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Wow the facade is beautiful! The inside could use a little more decoration, but I would definitely buy this if it were a set.

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Interesting building. While I like a lot of the details, there are some that stand out too much and which I'm not that fond of. I like the exterior, being quite simple with a brick facade and greyish cornerstones. Also, the ground floor has nice esthetics. Then the side with the staircase, I don't understand the use of colored windows and wall design. It's not bad, as it is, but I feel it fits more to a church or more historic building than a modular building. Here around, you can find buildings like yours, old townhouses which don't differ on the outside, with all the windows the same, despite some being in the flats and others on the stairs. I guess I'm too used to this type of architecture. 

The arcaded entrance to the back is a neat detail. The tree creates some nice shade for the ground floor. It would be cool to see the back door as well. The corner tower and the roof terrace are perfect. Overall, a fine building that would be nice to see built-in reality.

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Surprised at the previous suggestion: stained glass in stairwells is quite a common feature in many European countries. Some absolutely beautiful ones, for example, in The Netherlands

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