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Hello everyone and welcome to another MOC release.


This one wasn't developed from scratch, it is an enhanced version, or revision of another MOC i released previously, the "Dirt Devil", which is an alternative model for the technic set 42095. This version improves certain aspects of the original, since it was a pure C-Model, i was limited by the parts available on the set and had to make some sacrifices.
Some things remain the same, like using one l-motor for the steering (with return to center functionality); using another l-motor to directly power one of the rear wheels; and the overall design and parts placement.


So, what changed?

- The "tracked wheels" were replaced with off-road tires, solving all traction issues.
- The small front wheels were replaced with bigger wheels, fixing the low ground clearance in the front.
- Additional liftarms and frames were added for increased stability.
- The front spoiler and hood were reworked.
- The rear spoiler was reworked and became bigger.
- The side mirrors were taken off as i didn't think they added that much value to the design given the number of parts they required.



For anyone interested, building instructions are available at Belle-Ve Bricks

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