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Hello everyone,

I recently started a MOD of the Lego set 80106 Story of Nian. I read in some youtube comments that the set is based on a traditional chinese compund called Siheyuan. I recommend you check out some images on google of these kind of buildings. But obviously the Lego set is only the front wall and entrance. So I decided I wanted to extend this a bit. An actual Siheyuan can be quite large, so for now my plan is to combine the 80106 with the other Chinese new year set, the spring lantern festival and build a wall all around the park and maybe some additional building to insert it into a city. But for now let me show you some pictures of the progress so far. If you have any questions I will try to answer them51142834473_edcd57be6d_b.jpg51143395969_da24eb57a1_b.jpg

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