[MOC] STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - "Mine might be the last one you hear"

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Hey guys, 
I'm very excited to present to you after 4 long months of not building a new creation. This time I choose a scene from season 2 of the disney+ series STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN again, and I think it is a badass Boba Fett scene :D

Here is the describtion of what happens in this scene:

Slave I arrives at a planet dotted with large refineries, and lands among a number of parked starships, including a Gauntlet fighter. In a nearby cantina, a hush falls as Djarin and Boba Fett enter and cross the room to approach Bo-Katan Kryze and Koska Reeves. Djarin tells Kryze he needs their help, and she replies that not all Mandalorians are bounty hunters, and that some of them serve a higher purpose. Djarin tells her that Moff Gideon has taken the Child, and she says they'll never find him. Fett tells Djarin they don't need these two, and that they should leave. Kryze says to Fett that he is not a Mandalorian, to which he responds he never said he was. Fett and Reeves begin to argue, but Kryze tells them to "save it for the Imps."


51104856163_63d7149753_z.jpgSTAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - "Mine might be the last one you hear" by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

I hope you like my one photo-creation and I tried to catch the atmosphere of that fight between Fett and Reeves as good as possible. 

It is a pleasure to build again and to have time for showing new stuff.

Greetings Kevin 

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