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[MOCs] 2 small hulled boats: Imperial Support Ship (Red Coats) & Snake's Tooth Sloop (Pirates)

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Hello everybody!

Let's finish the series of small hulled support ships for their larger official flagships. As usually, they're designed with the classic pirate sets style in mind to serve as playset additions to the pirate theme. We will start with the "Imperial Support Ship" sialing along the "Imperial Flagship" (set 6274). The only sails possible to get the correct colors for the flagship's sails are those of the Imperial Trading Post Vessel. Rotating cannon included of course!

We will then conclude with the "Snake's Tooth Sloop" assisting the "Skull's Eye Schooner" during its pirate adventures. It had a white snake as figurehead and two latin sails of different size. The color scheme is the same as for the flagship vessel. Thanks for your time and interest, and have a good time!

~ Chris












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I love it! The Imperial Flagship was one of my favorite sets growing up and you expertly captured the essence of it. You have a nice eye for miniaturizing detail. I like how you replaced the blue lanterns with the space gun piece. 

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A couple more absolutely lovely little ships!!

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