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Hi everyone,

I'm searching for the best motor to measure angles. Since I don't have all motors, I'm depended on those, who have them and could a comparison.


  1. The motor must be compatible with the C+ Technic Hub, used for example in the 42100
  2. The resistance, when turning the motor manually, has to be as low as possible
  3. When the motor is turned manually and you stop turning, the motor should not continue to turn with too much swing.
  4. 2. has more priority than 3.

I have tested the C+ L and XL motor so far. I also have the large angular motor, but it is simply too large. The internal resistance of the C+ L motor was way to high. The C+ XL motor delivered quite ok-ish results. It is just too bulky. Perfect shape and size would be the Medium Angular Motor, which I don't have. Another alternative would be the Boost Medium Linear Motor. I would appreciate, if someone, who has these motors, could do a test for me.

A little teaser why I'm looking for this info: I'm building a truck with pneumatic suspension. I using the angles of the suspension arms to detect and control the height. First proof of concept in PoweredUp is already written and working.

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I was told in another forum, that the boost linear motor is the easiest one to turn manually. Will post an update once i got my ordered motors.

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Don't have the other PoweredUP motors to compare, but the Boost motor is defenitely not that hard to turn when you attach something bigger than a pure axle to it (e.g. small gear).

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