AliExpress Lamborghini Countach Faux Lego Speed Champions

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Needed something to hold me over until the new Speed Champions series comes out in June.  Was very impressed with dealing with AliExpress, received the shipment of three cars in about twenty days, here's the Lamborghini.  Must say that some aspects of the build were better than Lego standards, for example the engine bay was a big time hidden bonus especially the way I like to display my cars in my Lego garage diorama. 

Pros: No missing pieces, directions were easy to follow, love the engine bay. Some new design/snot pieces.  Can't hold my breath that long for Lego to build a Countach.  Looks strikingly like the Lamborghini Countach.  

Cons: The pieces themselves were not to Lego's standard in the sense that there is more tolerance (i.e. weak wing), Lego's feel stronger and tighter. Directions aren't as easy to read as Lego's. Steering wheel still off centered.

Sorry for the pictures, unable to rotate them on the host website:







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