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[OL/ SR - FB - COLLAB] The Lavalette School for Boys, Lavalette

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Education: Large


The base plates, buildings, stone slabs, some plants and minifigures were built by @CapOnBOBS.


The buildings positioned at an angle, the tiles, fountain, trees, some plants and minifigures were built by @NOD.


51108527346_c81ac1cf80_b.jpgLavSchoolForChildren 2 by Philippe, auf Flickr


This is a reform school for boys heading towards a life of piracy. Here the children are put on the right track with some much needed order and discipline. Among other things, the school attempts to teach the civilized values of Oleon to these wayward children.


51108527441_16af7304b2_b.jpgLavSchoolForChildren 1 by Philippe, auf Flickr


Because Oleanders love their faith, there are daily lessons in the chapel.


51108429318_08df5593b4_b.jpgLavSchoolForChildren 3 by Philippe, auf Flickr


In the school house they learn to read, write and do arithmetic. These building blocks of civilized life do not always get the attention needed from the "free spirited" youth.


51108276334_07d7598195_b.jpgLavSchoolForChildren 4 by Philippe, auf Flickr


For some students it has not been of any use so far. The priest and the teacher are angry because 2 children are sword-fighting with ladles.


51107954607_78c344358a_b.jpgLavSchoolForChildren 5 by Philippe, auf Flickr


Unfortunately, they haven't noticed another child who "accidentally" lights a bush with a candle. We wish the staff good luck and patience!

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This looks great @NOD! I really like the bright green / green grass.

The kid setting the bush on fire is hilarious

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Amazing collab! The details are an absolute pleasure for the eyes and the accompanying story really finishes it!

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