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REVIEW: 71747 The Keeper's Village

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Here is my review on 71747 The Keeper's Village from Ninjago:


  • Great looking set.
  • Interesting build techniques through out.
  • Great design in the dragon head.
  • Excellent printings on minifigures.
  • Some nice new elements like the piece on top of the statue and the printed sheilds.


  • The price.
  • My own preference but I would want more tribe person instead of 3 ninjas.

Overall, I like this set a lot.  It reminds me of island people from the old pirate theme.  This set does look really good although it's not really a village.  I enjoyed the building experience a lot especially the dragon head and the throne chair.  The printed shield does look like Godzilla and I wish they included more new elements like that.  Although the minifigures are great I do wish they swap on ninja for one more village people as this theme does not have many sets, it's a mission to build an army of this tribe given B&P recently does not sell much Ninjago pieces.  The price is on the higher end and I do wish it is $20NZD cheaper but in the end I'm very satisfied with the outcome and still recommend this set to everyone.

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Just build this set, and I agree with Pchan 1983, that there should have been more villagers - especially villagers with shields, as the one shield included here, is just for decoration. 

The arms of the throne, and the arms of the bottom totem, intertangles - you cant have the totem angled against the throne, unless you put the bottom throne-arm very much forward, or very much backward.. 

And this is just my subjective opinion, but I would have liked a tall tree at the other side of the throne, to balance the look of the totem, and enhance the feeling of a tropical jungle island. 

If you want to open the "door" behind the dragon, you have to put the hinges (arms) higher than the instruction says - else you can only open it if the drageonhead part is angled away from the pit-part. 

So, a few design setbacks, but I still think that it is a very good set. - albeit a bit underwhelming in size. 


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