Science-Fantasy Figbarf (Heroica 2.0)

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Sorry about the spoiler, can't get rid of it.



Greetings!  The following pictures are for a science-fantasy RPG project that's currently under construction over on the Mafia and Role-Play Games part of this site.  I thought I ought to share them over here due to the genre overlap, just in case any of you are interested in seeing them.


Jefferson Hart-Mortizar

An extremely wealthy and very shady interstellar shipping magnate.



Yuuran Tanaxxis 

Head of one half of the immense Oc|Tan corporation.  Utterly ruthless, but will always honor a debt.

Grand Captain Arthur Montrose

Grand Captain of the White Captaincy, a fleet of migrant humans.  A stern, yet fatherly, veteran of many battles.



Druid and Priest

Two very different spellcasters.  One a member of a mysterious druid sect, the other a cleric of a popular god.  @Dannylonglegs, you may notice something familiar.




A pair of rogues from the outer systems.  One an Abrivari expatriate, the other a Nendaran drifter.  Yes, the skeleton is a cyborg.




A group of soldiers. From left to right:

  • CQC Specialist,
  • Magical Specialist,
  • Sargent,
  • Rifleman,
  • Sniper.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this little effort.



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On 4/9/2021 at 8:44 PM, Duvors said:


the other a Nendaran drifter 

Old Bones being from Nendara makes perfect sense. 👍
I should add, for anyone who is interested in participating in the game, that the discussion/development thread is here (and in my signature). 

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4 hours ago, Dannylonglegs said:

Love the Sylph reference! <3

~Insectoid Aristocrat

Thank you! I've had that helmet for ages and couldn't help using it.

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