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I'd like to show a MOC I'm working on since yesterday. I wanted to create a big buggy - well it became sort of fast pickup, but driving characteristics are buggy-like I'd say - since quite some time, but always found some other themes to look into (smaller scale RC cars, manual models and recently motorbikes). But yesterday it finally break through. I had and still have lots of fun with Antoine DDP's Night Racer - that thing is just insane and seems to be made for skate parks. This mainly comes from the two RC Buggy motors that drive one rear wheel each. So I wanted to have a similar configuration for my model, too. So two RC Buggy motors for a start. The Night Racer uses one BuWizz but it's very hard to use it on fast mode. So two BuWizz (2.0 in my case) for power and control in my model.

During construction the wheels got bigger and bigger and I'm now using Claas tyres on matte-black three-hole rims. I started with the fast output of the RC buggy motors (actually the Mouldking replicas in this model) but it seems like this is too much - either for the motors or the power supply - because the model needs some break once in a while until it can go fast again. So I changed to the slower output and it seems to work better now.

Here are pictures of what I have now: RWD with one motor for each rear wheel, independent suspension, positive caster on the front axle which also uses the old wheel hubs.

The rear axle might be moved 1 stud towards the rear, as for the original RC Buggy motors one needs a little room where the power cable is attached. The replicas don't need that much space so I didn't take care. I hope it will still look "right" with the longer wheelbase. I'm still unsure if I should create an interior or not to save weight. I could use some ideas about how to make the rear axle wishbones less flimsy, maybe connecting front and rear part with another liftarm could help?

Sorry, no video yet, as it's wet/snowy outside ATM. I hope I can make some outside runs later the week.

So what do you think for a start?



@Jim: When creating this topic, the preview didn't work for me. This seems to be new, as recently it did work for me in another topic.

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