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Professor Thaum

[SR - FB - April 621] Natural Selection (story updated )

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Tortuga, nowadays...



Dr Thaum : What a lovely sunny day ! Hi Aldo !

Callaghan : Who is Aldo doctor ?


Dr Thaum : Aldo, is this boar Callaghan, ready to be shipped to Hellion where he will start a herd.

Iauln : Why do you ship a boar to Hellion doctor ?

Dr Thaum : There are few prey on our islands, my boy, and we need them to have enough food. I have some boars from Oleon shipped to Hellion and Black Rock, Aldo is one of the last going to reach Hellion. He is a sturdy boar especially bred to have a great and goodly lineage of delicious boars. Hellion will became a nature reserve, with a responsible boar hunting...


Callaghan : Gosh ! Those birds are tall, I'm starting to wonder about...

Dr Thaum : Those are Capercaillie, ready to ship to Hellion and Black Rock too.

Iauln : they look like big turkeys !

Dr Thaum : They are more plumpy, and more resilient than turkeys, perfect to conquer new territories !

Callaghan : As long as it's not Gloogloo...


Dr Thaum : Gloogloos ? Here they are Callagahn, an happy family, ready to ship for our eastern settlements too !

Callaghan : They've done nothing to you, the settlers !  Leave them in peace !

Dr Thaum : A man has to eat, by golly !


Dr Thaum : This couple of chamois will be on that trip too , they will find there a perfect playground, where they can grow and multiply.

Callaghan : Rather that than a gloogloo !

Dr Thaum : The Gloogloo are harmless Callaghan !

Callaghan : I'd like to slap you in the face, but I'm scared I might have to gouge you, as I've a hook now !

Dr Thaum : Don't be so rude Callaghan !


Callaghan : Oh dear ! Hedgehogs ! They are on the trip too ? At least they aren't dangerous, are they ?

Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead, Callaghan ! These hedgehogs are the watchdogs ! What do you see in the middle of that pen ?

Iauln : Errrr... look like snails doctor !

Dr Thaum : Yes, my boy, snails !

Callaghan : With burgundy shell !? And watched by hedgehogs ! What's this scam ?

Dr Thaum : Ahem... those snail are hallucinogenics ones, have a look !


Iauln : they are so cute !


Dr Thaum : I developped those snails with a friend, because Oleoneses are fond of fried snails with garlic and parsley butter.

So the hedgehogs are here to prevent any widespread of thoses snails, to avoid another disaster like in Fatu Hiva with the ALSU.

Callaghan : What's with you and the people of Oleon ?

Dr Thaum : There's a war going on, Callaghan  This si not our war, but I hate war, and the people of Terraversa certainly  too. It was one idea to damper war. Some cargo of snails are already en route to Oleonese ports and Terraversa, and I must confess I tested similar developping with crabs... en route to Terraversa too.

Callaghan : But you're a true menace to community ! And more than likely is your friend !



C&C welcome, this build is an excuse to display some brickbuilds animals, it fits just over a 32 x 32 (but less than 48 x 48) so it will qualify for a small "plantation"



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Wow, you’re good at animal building! Those hedgehogs are absolutely fabulous!


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The animals look funny. Really well built!

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Always love your style of narrating. And funny to see the continuing line of the professor in combination with development of the Sea Rats settlements. Lovely animal builds too!

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Silly yet cute animals!


I'm a really big fan of how you did the hedehogs. Which hair piece did you use? I'll have to copy that too!

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I must confess that I don't know which hair piece I used, I pick some of them at a lego store at the demand of my wife (she designed those hedgehogs, with 3 parts a 1x1 round plate , a 1x 1 plate modified with light attachement and that hair piece looks like the spiked one 98385 )

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