Lego 42121 - D model Snow groomer

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Hello! :classic:  I would like to show you my new Snow groomer as a C model for set 42121 - my second c model! First C model was this BULLDOZER 

Model has opening doors, adjustable front blade and its angle, you can operate crane arm, you can add ice grinder on the rear which has something like "lock" mechanism to staying in position. Here you have video where I am presenting all functions. :wink:

Instructions for this model:
https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-72752/Dyens Creations/42121-c-model-snow-groomer/#details

More photos HERE


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Looking good on those packing peanuts... :grin:  I'm wondering about the balance though. It looks very front heavy. Otherwise very good looking! Keep it up!

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This is cool as well, but I feel like the dozer is a bit better. In this model you've had to compromise on few of those features because of the lack of parts (like for example blade angle lock only in one direction), but I understand wanting to have those features. Still a cool model :)

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