[L10 - Aargau - BS] The cargo

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Previously in this storyline...

After some investigations with the help of a mandalorian group in Aargau and a good amount of credits and bonds, 8-LOM obtained a hint of a cargo being transferred to Pyerce’s forces.

The operation is taking place on a floating landing platform in one of the skyscraper of New Escrow. A cargo skiff has just arrived...


8-LOM: The information we got was worth the money, they are in the middle of the transfer.

Officer: You are late!

Pilot: We have been under attack before reaching the city. We download the cargo here and we disappear. For the next batch you’ll need to give us a better, more secured place. Hurry up! This place isn’t secure.


Pilot: Hurry up! If we are discovered now we are an easy target to beat.

Contrabandist: These things are quite heavy. We’re doing our best!

8-LOM: Let’s see where this cargo goes. That’s what we were looking for.

Mando: Our attack seems to have worked. They’re too busy to notice us.


Pilot: Before the next batch we expect that you’ll honor our agreement. And remember, with no security no batch.

Officer: Take it for granted. We need to investigate what’s going on.


This is another photo of the cargo skiff. Hope you like it!




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Nice build here, some nice details involved in this build.
I like the floor detail alongside the building detail too.

That speeder really sits well with the build too, 

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A nice industrial build. I'd love to see some more colour though (maybe neon holo-signs or something)!

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