[MOC] Mitsubishi Fuso SuperGreat FX 6x6 Military Tow Truck

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Good Day.
Today I present a military tow truck inspired by the JSDF one. The base truck is (Mitsubishi) Fuso Super Great FX 6x6 - the self-defence force exclusive variant. 


My model has full suspension, with "leaf springs" (flexaxles) all around. Drive is permanent 6x6 with 1x M-motor (was decent without cabin and superstructure, but with those added the performance became abysmal), steering is done via another M-motor downgeared with a wormgear. In-cabin steering wheels is moved via a micromotor with rubber belt drive.
The truck is built in Tecnic figure scale, with customised front tires to make up for lack of proper width tires in TLG inventory. 
The crane is completely manual, with all functions controlled via gears on the outside. The function list is:
-Outriggers capable of lifting the rear
-Boom elevation
-Boom rotation (no gearing, just swiwels with some friction to keep it in place)
-Boom extension (with stops via a ratcheted gear and an end-stop to prevent the boom from falling out)
-Rear winch

All in all a mediocre build, but quite happy about it considering how disinterested I was in building something recently. A major improvement would be a L-motor for drive, but there's not enough space in this chassis, a perfect fit would be the mini motor Efferman shown a prototype of. Steering is a tad floppy as well, it was caused by my preferrance for a higher ground clearance, although even if it weren't floppy, the CV joints have a teenncy to pop out due to all the stress (heavy model with suspension and no differentials). The boom has a low weight limit, topping out at about 200g, heavier loads cause the boom to flex until it breaks - unless it is fully contracted, in which case I was able to lift about 400g. I have a complete chassis with a partial cabin lxf file, but I doubt anyone would be interested in building it, so I'll upload the model as is on []Brickshelf[/url] .
















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Nice model! And the metal hook is here too :thumbup:

I really like the way the rear axle is connected to the drivetrain, and that the outriggers can really lift the model.

Lacking power is a problem, but at least it still seems to move okay on flat surfaces.


Thx for sharing

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