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22 hours ago, GoHabsGo said:

This is my first attempt of a 4-wide train. It is an tribute to the 7745 set I was dreaming about when being a kid.

Nice! And better than the 4 wide train Lego is currently selling

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On 4/24/2022 at 7:58 PM, XG BC said:

continuing with my series on the mariazellerbahn here is the 5090 diesel train which was used on a branchline of the mariazellerbahn, the "krumpe" and is used on the lower portion of the mariazellerbahn.

Now you're just missing the Mh.6 ;)

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Hi all, it's time to make a small update!

My personal "H0 department" (1 person) is making some research in order to have a working standard to make Lego trains run on H0 rails. Therefore, some objectives have been set:

  • Try to move an H0 Lego locomotive in some way
  • Standardize the wagons chassis more and more and more - trying to make them running smoothly and making the base adaptable to many wagon types.
  • Avoid to destroy and adapt Lego parts or at least, keep the number as low as possible, eventually trying some 3d Printing and using "as is" common DIY parts that can be found everywhere.
  • No more batteries, and full DC control directly from the rails

What has been done so far - for the first bullet point - is to dismantle, revise and analyze a lot of real H0 old locomotives (Marklin, Lima, Piko...) and understanding how in the past these companies have found solutions to deal with big components and motors in a such limited space. They had big motors and poor plastic, but quite thin bodies. I have a big, solid body (which avoids to have a separate chassis), but small space inside it.

the most effective and cost-friendly solution is still the Athearn and Piko rubber band drive. so let's start with this one.

I bought two spare part wheels from Piko (the same used in 57013 and 57014 locomotives, which I bought some years ago), featuring two big wheels and a central plastic drum. Outer axles have a diameter od 2mm, perfect for my ball bearings (2mm inner diameter, 5mm outer diameter, 2mm wide) that can be found easily on most auction/selling sites. 

My first (motorized) Lego prototype on H0 track

These ball bearings properly fit inside a  Lego  1x1 round plate. Therefore, with the help pf two PF/PUP wheel holders, (modified cutting plates on one side to fit the rubber band), I could arrange a first idea of chassis:

My first (motorized) Lego prototype on H0 track

Again, our old friend Circuit Cubes motor is again the main actor in this setup.

And this is the result:

It works...but has a lot of problems, such as suboptimal traction, poor weight, and only one powered axle. CC battery is obviously external, at the moment.

And that's all for the locomotive, at the moment.

Let's see the wagons, now. The ball bearings chassis has been evolved and made really thin and smoooooooooth running, but the fake suspensions made using brackets is not very satisfying. One solution could be designing and 3D printing a 16mm fake suspension, based on brackets parts. The other one could be to create a full axle holder as we had for 9v/PF trains...but in H0.

H0 Wheel Holder - 3D Custom Part

Using Tinkercad, and starting from a very good design found on Thingiverse ( I cut down the suspensions and adapted them to a 2x4 plate. Then, I imported the results into Parts Designer. This wheel holder works as normal H0 wheel holders, relying on the  outer "pointy" plastic and metal axles, not using ball bearings. 

H0 Wheel Holder - 3D Custom Part

Once prepared a s Custom part, I could redesign (again) the wagons chassis, and create a render to see how it could look on a MOC:

H0 Wagon - trial with new H0 Wheel Holder

I'd like to put a round Lego stud under the leaf suspension, to make it more...compliant to the Lego "look and feel".

This is the situation right now! I hope you like it!



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