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Professor Thaum

[O10 - Gorse - CE] Forced test.

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Gorse, sector 17.


K. Kaas : Here we are !

Raint : This is strange that you may have a base on this planet, especially if we are out of the Mining Guild now !


K. Kaas : Bureaucracy, my boy ! This is so intricate that by the time the Mining Guild will turn its interest here, we will be a long time gone ! I love red tapes !

Raint : What is this place ?

K. Kaas : Our lair for a couple more days. So Raint, do you remember the helmet ?

Raint : The one I found on Mustafar, which is on the shelf right here ? Sure !

K. Kaas : And do you remember how you stopped the blaster shot ?

Raint : Errrr... I felt a power rushing right at me, and I wanted it to stop.

K. Kaas : And if I asked you to do the right opposite ?

Raint : Sorry ?

K. Kaas : You see the helmet, catch it ! But without moving ! Don't stop the blaster beam, makes it come to you !


Raint : I will try

K. Kaas : Yes, please.


K. Kaas : Aaaaargh, No, no, my boy... You.. are draining the helmet... and me ! I really don't appreciate. I'm not sure the helmet likes it too !

Raint : Ooops !


Koko : If you remove the directive 4, master. I can solve the matter.

K. Kaas : No, Koko, this boy is a gift for me. Keep concentrate, Raint, try again !


Raint : You're sure ?

K. Kaas : Yes, but concentrate just on the helmet.

Raint : OK


K. Kaas : Yes, Raint, feel the helmet, catch the helmet !



K. Kaas : That's gorgeous Koko !

Koko : One word from you and I burn him down !

Raint : Errr, I'm sorry !


K. Kaas : Are you kidding me ! That's wonderful ! So much potential ! Exactly what I expected from you ! Koko, at last  I have an apprentice !

Raint : An apprentice ? Me ?

K. Kaas : Sure my boy ! I will teach you how to master the Force !

Raint : Could I call you master ?

K. Kaas : Master ?! Yes of course ! Nothing would give me greater pleasure ! I'm now very proud of you !

Raint : What is the Force, master ?

Koko : We're not out of the woods yet.


C&C welcome as ususal


here is a pic of the whole build :


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That wall detailing as it breaks is very nicely done, 
We're seeing a bit more of the story here, i like it!

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Yeah, the breakage is cool, as is the greebling behind. I feel like the wall could be given texture with sideways headlight bricks, and the floor could've been more interesting, but solid entry!

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Simple wall and floor, but you have a few nice details. I love the broken wall and the pipes behind it. Your story is very interesting too.

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