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51072951422_b89b65c5ec_t.jpg ???: *on the phone* yes, yes sir, project 'sacrificial lamb' is ready, indeed sir, no they suspect nothing...


51072951412_85b255b343_t.jpg Lola: Don't you find it strange Sasha, I mean we've been training togheter on base for weeks now ever since we've been recruited for K.R.A.S.O.D. yet never met the Director once?

51003666800_2258c3fda8_t.jpg Sasha: Well he is the Director of K.R.A.S.O.D. a man like that must be very busy, you worry to much Lola.

51072951412_85b255b343_t.jpg Lola: *quietly* and you worry too little durak.

51072854046_f7053a2c2d_t.jpg Guard: Halt, this area is off-limits, identify yourselves!

51003666800_2258c3fda8_t.jpg Sasha: Kapitan Sasha Silantyev and Serzhant Lola Obolenskaya here to see the Director.

51072854046_f7053a2c2d_t.jpg Guard: Please go in Kapitan.

51072951412_85b255b343_t.jpg Lola: Wait what..

51072854046_f7053a2c2d_t.jpg Guard: You're not cleared Serzhant.

51072951412_85b255b343_t.jpg Lola: Chush' sobach'ya


51072951422_b89b65c5ec_t.jpg ???: Ah welcome, Kapitan Silantyev I presume? Let me introduce myself, I am in charge of K.R.A.S.O.D. you may have heard people refer to me as 'the Director' but you will henceforth call my by my handle Ice-Coldman.

51003666800_2258c3fda8_t.jpg Sasha: Yes sir, Ice-Coldman sir!

51072951422_b89b65c5ec_t.jpg Ice-Coldman: No time to waste Kapitan Silantyev, the situation is as follows. We (the KLR) were annexing Soalon, entirely within our legal rights by international laws of course, only for that terrible western oppressor (the PSIC) to declare they would intervene as so called peacekeepers all the while sending armed forces to Soalon.

51003666800_2258c3fda8_t.jpg Sasha: Those ublyudok

51072951422_b89b65c5ec_t.jpg Ice-Coldman: There are also reports of Brotherhood activities near our main headquarters, they even made a public statement killing one of our brave pilots. We need your team to help coordinate and execute KLR operations in the area, you will receive orders as the situation changes on-site. You and your team will be leaving immediatly, as Koszmar's first special-operations unit we have very high expectations Kapitan. There is a supply plane leaving at 08.00 for Soalon, do not miss it!

51003666800_2258c3fda8_t.jpg Sasha: Yes sir, I will assemble the unit and we'll head out immediatly sir!



I tried making some in brick-universe scenes, but it was trickier then I expected to get right for photography. The one thing that upsets me here is that I only have enough black and white tiles to make that small center floor decal in the office. It should've been at least one ring larger imo. For the Director / Military Commander of K.R.A.S.O.D. I kept thinking of Hideo Kojima and his ridiculous naming of characters like Die-Hardman in particular, so with this minifig Ice-Coldman kept sticking in my head haha.

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project 'sacrificial lamb'...sounds intriguing scary... Also I like the use of various sources for names (or other elements). I used to explain such details after my builds, but after then I had no time to continue doing it

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Beautiful and interesting choice of names, small but explanatory diorama, love the little detail as the wood desk, well done!

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The uniforms remind me of Venezuelan guard, all in blue and red berets. Very socialist!

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