[WIP] The Seven Seas Barracuda (East Indiaman Galleon)

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This looks like such an amazing build! Have you had a chance to work on it more? I'd love to see your progress.

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On 9/2/2021 at 8:24 AM, G03sman said:

This looks like such an amazing build! Have you had a chance to work on it more? I'd love to see your progress.

I have most the hull built and the crew assembled. I have all the part, but I began packing and moving to a house we finally was accepted an offer a few months ago. I hope to set up my lego building area in the next month or so so I can finish it. I have all the cannons made, but changed the design so it could use the flat pearl grey steel looking color like the cannons use in the set. 

The ship has walls up until past the cannon ports. I am glad that several parts are now available in dark tan and reddish brown. I hope to have the ship finished in November before thanksgiving since I have a few weeks off. I'll take some photos of the current state when we get internet set up in the house 2 weeks from now. 

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Long overdue progress update:

It took me a long time to collect all the LEGO parts for this build. Work and babies this was difficult to finally get free time to build this. 

Barracuda stand nameplate:
The company I used required 10 printed parts as a minimum requirement for UV printing. If anybody would like to buy some PM me. 


Each nameplate came in separate bags. 

Okay, we all came here to see what I have done with the ship!
I decided not to do a bunch of string custom rigging. Instead I have decided to use LEGO parts. 
I changed parts for structural purposes and realized that the original ship I designed had areas that needed stronger connections to hold up the shear weight where the pins connect to separate all three hull sections. The original thought was to do waht LEGO did, disconnect everything with pins and what I found was that when I lifted it up, the pins snapped off. What I have done was create a series of overlapping decks that help connect it. The decks now serve as the important connection to hold the whole thing up. I also found that there is a specific disassembling process to the whole ship that gives me access to the lower rear hull. The process is 4 steps, but necessary for it to not collapse under its own weight. 

I am working on the front forecastle. 
The string needed to turn the wheel and rudder system will be added later. I also need to add an anchor string to capstan connection for that to work. I have 2 working capstans in the ship A front one which I will use for the anchors and the middle one for other items. The main capstan in the middle of the ship behind the main center mast was used for anchors, but that would interfere with removing the different hull pieces. 

I am fighting with my internal demon on whether to have access to the wheel deck from the captains quarters or just have a container compartment.

I raised the rear poop deck by 1 brick. The original poop deck only existed 2 studs higher than the wheel deck. I also had 2 containers located where you now see a 3stud high set of doors. I wanted a place for the nautical equipment and love the design, but i have this rolling stair case that flips down to the captains quarters. This gives him access to the top deck instead of walking through the other crew quarters to the main door then up the stairs. 


This looks great, but I love the old design file with the black containers. This also gave me a place for the bell. The bell would sit too high up now. 


This is the rolling staircase. There is still a hallway with doors you can close on the main level beneath the stairs. Decisions, decisions. 



The captain's quarters is spacious when you lift the stairs. Again, if the containers were here instead of the stairs, then the room si quite large. 


And of course I included a secret storage compartment under the floor for the captain to hide items. Its 4 plates tall in the center. I also made sure that the bed is actually his treasure chest. This contains a bunch of jewels and gold. The chest is removable if you lift up the two pillows. 


Main capstan: 2 levels. If you remove the cannons this rotates without hitting the support beams. The upper section has clips to hold the beams when people are using the quarters to sleep. Raising the beds up like this allows people to turn the capstan. The great part about the doors leading to the captain's quarters, they serve as private sleep chamber doors for the quartermaster and first mate. 




The second capstan, located near the front. 


Each cargo hold does have items in them. Surrounding the capstan under the cannons are about 20 dark brown barrels for their rum. Closer to the back I have about 6 black barrels for gun powder and dark brown 1x3 wand boxes representing smaller ammunition boxes. When the ship is complete I will take lots of photos and a cargo photo of everything that fits inside the galley deck. Its a lot of food, bags, boxes, barrels, and loot. This added weight to the whole ship for sure. 

I forgot to order some ladders, but here is a great photo of the cook's station. The hatches under the floor where the tables are contain food. 


Let me know what you think on these areas, especially the poop deck. 





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I was going to share more progress photos, but I am waiting on 3 different orders that I need to make changes to the ship. I expanded the interior of the front arsenal area and moved the ladder leading up to the forecastle. I am also going to remove the new doors on the poop deck. I forgot I purchased a globe and had a few more decorations that I thought in another bin. 

I began working on the masts and bowspirit. 

Lego reviews came in from the new Ideas Globe. They include 2x6 dark tan wedge plates and 1x2 dark tan wedge plates. I will be able to improve the poop deck design. 

I need Lego to get those 2x6 reddish brown wedge plates made and I will have a complete ship. Right now I have black ones as placeholders in the cabin. 

The masts were not as strong as I was hoping so I made some changes to the top platforms that strengthen the whole thing using bars and hoses inside several areas. 

I cannot place them on the ship until I complete the new changes to the forecastle.

The forecastle is changing slightly on the exterior for the better. I already solved a few internal connection issues when I changed the interior design. I need to solve a hose connection to the forecastle so the ship railing in the front bow doesn't pop off. I also changed the bow a bit so the statue is more secure. I'll get more photos uploaded tonight. 

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