[L10 - Aargau - BS] Vengeful Spirit

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"Better poor on Aargau than rich anywhere else."

Nothing more than a slogan to entice visitors. There was more money on Aargau than almost anywhere in the galaxy, and it did not make it into the hands of the poor.
The fall of the Empire freed many planets from tyranny, but the civilized worlds suffered the most. Instability leads to fear, fear leads to hoarding, hoarding leads to desperation, and then there is violence, on both sides.
Any hint of unrest in the undercity, and the armed guards of the city elite pulled people from their homes. Anything to quell the rumors, to stabilize the markets. The weakest in the undercity began to disappear, and their value to the planet at large dwindled into nothing. 


You were safer on Aargau walking around in Stormtrooper armor than hand-me-downs. The local remnant capitalized on this. 
Late night visits to the houses still populated, brute squads culling the lower class for conscripts. Nobody would miss them.

I felt the same about the stormtroopers themselves.


I have become known by the denizens of the undercity as the Shagha, Aargauese for "vengeful spirit". At the very least, they understood what I was doing. 
I move quickly and quietly, my years killing for Black Sun finally benefitting someone besides the Princes.
A slain trooper here, a headless guard there, and a legend begins to grow. I pray it gives the people hope. I cannot truly better their lot, but I can protect them until the wind changes, I can keep them in their homes and away from the brutality of war. 
There is irony in my bringing brutality to their streets, instead. Only when it is useful.

I know little of morality and even less of good. My methods are not perfect; I am a kind of monster. I have long known this. But there are times in the past where it has been more true, and faced with the current situation, I cannot stand by. This is all I know to do. Perhaps I can yet earn some measure of peace.

- The "Shagha"






Thanks for looking!

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Very effective build! Having the dark background in contrast with the lights make the shots very compelling. The additional subtle lighting helps to see the overall build better. The building is very SWish and the character is quite intriguing 

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Really great Star Wars build here,

The “fear leads to anger” riff in your story opens a great narrative too.

I think the Ninjago head works incredibly well for the Togruta head too.

 The homestead build is great with lots of subtle detail in the build I’m very fond of.


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Great story, I'll already posted on Flickr how much I like your build.

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