[L10 - Tython - BS] The temple light

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Previously in this storyline...

While Fahne and Gruntar are searching the escaped Pyerce’s pilot, they have found an ancient temple with a glowing blue light inside, following the directions found in the logs of an old destroyed AT-AT.

Meanwhile, in the temple, two people are in the Light Altar...


Nadia: It works again! This altar has been out of function for so many centuries!

Krent: Yes, I had some doubts about bringing it back to light, never better said.


Nadia: The old times of the temple are coming back soon, Krent!

Krent: I have to admit Nadia, that you were right.

Nadia: These are strange times, we need to reorganise ourself. The faster the better.

Krent: We have still to wait if everything works right. The beam cannon is only at about 1% now, but we cannot stress it too soon.


Gruntar: Now we are going to see what’s going on here.

Fahne: Wait... There are some people there. Let’s be cautious for now.

Gruntar: I think I just need a couple of seconds with my axe.

Fahne: Don’t be too fast! It’s better to continue unnoticed. We don’t know how many people are here. And this device is quite intriguing. Let’s wait and let them go elsewhere.


Gruntar: What’s this, is it part of a cult?

Fahne: I don’t really know, it might be. For sure this place was built for cult a long time ago, maybe thousands of years ago. But why is it active now? Who knows...

Gruntar: I have never seen something like this.

Fahne: That beam cannon has to use kyber crystals, given the kind of controlled laser light we see. It has to have a lot to generate something like this, and the cannon seems more capable than this. But I have no idea what is this for. This is getting interesting...


The rounded Light Altar has taken me more time than expected to get it right and to be consistent with the storyline from the previous build.

These are some additional shots for detail. Hope you like it!

This is the overall Altar:


This is a detail of the laser beam:


And this one a detail of the beam cannon:












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A great build, well executed too to get that floor perfectly round with no gapping between the plates.
I like the blue light, centre of the build, and I think the 1x1 trans blue bricks was a good choice as it looks like little pulses of light!

A nice temple moc on the whole too, the different colours add to the weathered look and just the right amount of vegetation too,

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Thanks a lot! I've used also the Avengers 76101 large translucent blue pieces for the beam glow to make the beam effect more apparent.

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Great work building an octagon! My only critique is that the coloring of the tiles looks too haphazard.

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