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[MOC] Spider-Man Bust (with movable head)

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Hey, everyone. Here's a tribute to my favorite hero, that I made out of my favorite toy.

I built this in very early January, and it took me about one and a half weeks to complete.


I just realized that the cheese slope at the bottom of his right-hand eye is facing the wrong direction, and it's bugging me out.


The head is movable via a small ball joint. It may not be the most articulate thing ever, but I think it's pretty neat.



Size comparison with a minifig:


The model disassembled (and my very messy desk):


The model also has attachable spider-sense tingles:


And, last but not least, here's a much earlier version:


Pete's come a long way, hasn't he?

Thanks for reading!

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Nice one! The techniques used are really great.

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When I look at this, I see a Dark Bluish gray rectangle with a medium blue 



X in the middle.

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