[MOC] 1909 Baker Electric Car - 1:10

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This is my model of the 1909 Baker Electric car, which was produced by the Baker Motor Vehicle Company in Ohio.
It has details like fenders, interior and leaf spring suspension. The dark blue license plate looks like the ones used in Ohio in 1909. The car has a tiller instead of a steering wheel. The scale is about 1:10 and it has 737 pieces.




As you can see in this video Jay Leno has one of these cars.

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Hello @Jimmi-DK

Please take some time and make a proper presentation of your model. Post several pictures, tell us about your model, what functions does it have, etc...

Right now, all of your posts seem like a promo for your Ideas page. EB is not a platform to boost LEGO Ideas votes, so please do not use it as one.
Also, make sure to post a pictures by uploading them on an image hosting site, and then link it here, instead of uploading them to EB directly.
All of this is covered in the site Guidelines.

For not, I have removed the Ideas link. Feel free to add it again, following the Guidelines, and adding more content to your post. :thumbup:

That being said, I really like your building style, and would love to learn more about this model.

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19 hours ago, Jimmi-DK said:

Is it ok now?

Much better.
And much easier to understand more about your model. Thanks for making the changes to the post. Hope you will make it so for your next models, too :thumbup:

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